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2010 Bohemian Grove is Here

July 5, 2010

Did you know a map of the Bohemian Grove propery from 2008 is now posted online? CLICK HERE to view it!

A correction of dates has been applied. The correct start date this year for the Grove retreat is the 17th of July…..Thanks Mary!

July 5,  2010

Another year of plunder by the Corporate Military Banking Complex against the People of the World brings cause to join hands in spirit of keeping what freedoms we have and continuing the struggle for justice and equality for all.

The Bohemian Grove retreat for the wealthy is fast approaching this July. Normally the 2nd weekend of July is the first ceremony known as the “Cremation of Care” at the campground for the rich, and this year is no different. This Saturday, July 17th will be a crowded day at the gates of the Grove as arriving guests meet protesters at the famous corner of Bohemain Ave and Railroad Ave.  Although there have not been as large of rallies as in the 1980’s and 90’s, small groups of people have not forgotten the fact that some of the most influential and powerful men in the world gather at the Grove each July.

In the last couple of years, many people have been arrested trying to gain access to grove illegally, most notably the Vanity Fair photographer. However the rallies at the gates of the Grove have been peaceful, informational, and overall fun. The bulk of the last couple of years of attention to the grove came from concerned 9/11 activists, including myself, however it would be great to see a more diverse group of concerned people looking for social or economic justice.

The Bilderberg meeting just passed and there were many people protesting the powerful elites there. The Bilderberg is seen as the mothership to Bohemian Grove and many other secret cabals of power.

Everyone has a reason to be at the Bohemian Grove:

From the BP gulf spill to Big Bank profits and bailouts, to the ever-expanding, never-ending war in the Middle East. From the Israel Freedom Flotilla raids to the loss of civil liberties here in the U.S.. From the police state to loss of media and press. The cause is the same, and we must join hands in this struggle for true freedom.

Please contact me, the author of this post, if you want to get involved in the Bohemian Grove rallies this year. Brian –


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