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Brad Meltzer and Alex Jones Discuss the Upcoming Bohemian Grove Episode on the History Channel

January 26, 2011

Bohemian Grove Blog      Jan 26, 2011

Months back I received word that Brad and the “Decoded” show wanted to talk to me. I was excited by the opportunity, and decided I would talk to them and take it from there. I am pretty sure they reached me because of the New York Times shot.

I called into their office and had a 20 minute talk with somebody from the crew, I don’t remember who, it might have been Brad – I honestly forget now. None-the-less after the discussion I was told that they probably were not going to use me for their show…”OK”, I said.  I knew that the “Decoded” crew had made contact with Peter Phillips and Mary Moore who both have plenty more years of experience to offer. I did not know Alex Jones was involved too, thats a surprise. I look forward to seeing what the crew does with show…

 -Brian Romanoff

(It airs this Thursday)

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