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Brad Meltzers Decoded: Secret Societies

January 28, 2011

Bohemian Grove Blog       Jan 28, 2011

Update 2#: Response from Peter Phillips to the History Channel is as follows:

The history channel essentially ignored the extensive data of the networks of power present at the Grove. They gave a few incidents of presidential and cabinet level talks, but failed to describe the extensive interconnectedness of corporate America present at the Grove. I am disappointed in that they tried to make the show more about entertainment by sneaking in with shock jock Alex Jones, instead of addressing the networks of power that are facilitated at the Grove.

End Update #2

Update#1: Me saying that I have very little criticism about the show was not specific enough. In my opinion it would have been very easy for the History Channel to make a mockery of Peter, Mary, Alex or anyone else involved. Everyone was treated with respect on the show, no one was called crazy, nor were any negative labels at all given to any of the guests. That said:

The show did miss a lot.(TV is entertainment though, not truth!) Mary Moore, in response to the show was very disappointed that so much time was given to the subject of trying to sneak in. Focusing on this means that you aren’t hearing about the important “lakeside talks” or “museum talks”. The meat and potatoes are the lakeside talks; who gives them, what they are about, and what do they promote.

While I am happy at not being called crazy, Mary Moore brings up some critical and valid points in an email:

It is not true that Alex is the only person to successfully infiltrate the Grove over the years: in fact he is very late to that claim although that has never stopped him from making it.

We got Rick Clogher in there in 1980, the first year we protested through the help of a union steward with a raised consciousness who we quickly dubbed our “deep throat”. Rick’s extensive and serious article appeared in MOTHER JONES the following year. Then in 1982, Michael Dressler and Garrett Connelly from TIME MAG went in with help from our guide and watched Kissinger give a Lakeside Talk on the “Challenges of the ’80s” They wrote a story that got killed by some editors who happened to be in attendance. Then in 1986 we helped reporter Phillip Weiss get inside and he wrote an excellent article for SPY MAGAZINE that is to this day one of the best ever pieces of reporting on Bohemian Grove. In between and after those three examples many other national, regional and local reporting happened, some superficial and some serious, by journalists who were able to get the word out through research and hard work without setting foot in the place.

It is simply not necessary to “get inside” in order to figure out that the Lakeside Talks are public policy speeches floated without any public scrutiny to the elite of the corporate, military, financial and government circles. The main emphasis of this Decoded show was on “getting inside” the Grove so they could find out the “real truth” like it would all be laid out for them amidst the rustic camps in the middle of winter. I mean, what in the world did they expect to discover? Yet two thirds of the show was taken up with the adventures of these three fools who call themselves the “decoders” and couldn’t decode their way out of a paper bag. So they were quickly arrested after floating down the river (with the help of Alex Jones) and somehow our local newspaper forgot to check the Sheriff files that day
so their arrest was never reported. Decoded bailed them out.

And while I don’t disagree with the conclusion of the show’s sage, Brad Meltzer, that the secrecy of the place drives people’s curiosity, that isn’t the final answer when it comes to the Grove. We’ve known that answer since the first year we protested there and anyone actually paying attention knows it too. Like the WikiLeaks cables, the content of the ideas floated each year at the summer encampment (many of which play out in subsequent years) affect you and I and our lives. Caspar Weinberger’s 1981 speech on Rearming America is only one example that got mentioned in this show. There are so many more with implications for the rest of us so yes, the secrecy is
appalling but more important are the topics and the power of the men who talk about them behind closed doors. Decoded did nothing to lift that cover and in fact left the impression that if the secrecy ended all would be cool.

(End of Update #1)

The History Channel’s “Decoded” covered the Bohemian Grove on Thursday Jan 27th. I am happy with the show that was put together, I have very little criticism and will say “thanks” to Brad Meltzer. I was cited as an “anonymous” source and if you look on the web for the mentioned 2010 Guest List, you will be directed right back to this, or my other website; Nor Cal Truth!

PArt 1 of 4

Part 2 of 4

Part 3 of 4

Part 4 of 4

And so you know, because the theme seems to be so similar, I made a short informational clip about the Bohemian Grove that includes both Mary Moore and Peter Phillips well before this episode for the History Channel was filmed. That is provided for your viewing pleasure below:

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  1. February 3, 2011 5:31 pm

    from my understanding, and correct me if im wrong but i believe alex jones said he was the first to break in and film it. ive never seen earlier film footage than his. also, the host of decoded was criticised on by alex jones for suggesting that what alex did was illegal. according to alex jones, thats simply not true. this should be in the blog, unless i missed it.

    • February 3, 2011 6:12 pm

      You are right Greg.

      I have pointed this out to Mary Moore on more than one accasion. Unfortunatley she felt very betrayed by Alex and holds a grudge.

      Alex never claims to be the first one in to my knowledge; only the first to film inside and sneak it out.

      Im not sure if I follow the last 2 sentacnes of your thoughts here though. I do have the Alex/Brad interview, however I did not carry any articles from Alex on Brad.

      Thanks for dropping by!

      • greg fernandez jr permalink
        February 3, 2011 6:27 pm

        the last two sentences…on the show decoded which alex played, brad stated atleast once that what alex did was illegal. But alex explains that from his pov it’s not. This was last weeks show and without alexs rebuttal to this claim I might have strongly agreed it was illegal but no signs were put up and alex claims as a journalist covering people who make us policy, he has the right as media to be there. His articulation is way betr than what I just wrote though. And he was never charged or anything so idk

      • February 3, 2011 6:34 pm


        Thanks for the clarification. Interesting position to be in for anyone with footage I guess.

        The thing about footage is that there is really nothing to get to on the inside other than a redwood forest with some really awesome cabins and set-ups. Plans of the CFR, Tri lats, BilderBergs, etc. do not just lay around out there.

        Thats why sneaking in is overrated ( I think ) and why Peter and Mary criticized the program.

  2. February 3, 2011 5:42 pm

    I am also sure that in Jones movie dark secrets from the bohemian grove and on air he talks about reading news reports about this and that’s how he got involved. possibly some of the news stories this lady was talking about?
    either way the focus and apparent blame should not be on Alex Jones shoulders. he was approached to do the show. i speculate – and this is just a broad assumption – that when the others got arrested, perhaps alex was supposed to too, as a set up…but again thats 100% speculation based on nothing but my own thoughts and suspicions about the hatred of alex jones. hes no shock jock, thats howard stern, and stern isnt worthy of licking alex’s boots imo

    • February 3, 2011 6:19 pm

      I agree, Alex did not edit this show.

      What Mary and Peter point out is that the show unfortunately gave more time to that idea than information that is much more important. Alex was asked to sneak in with them, and he was not the only one. I was asked if I has ever been inside well before Jones was lined up to do the show. Of course I said no to that, I was suspicious when they asked it why they were asking. Now I know why. I don’t think it was arranged, I really don’t.

      I talked to this guy Meltzer too, he was asking me the questions, not the other way around…I think he is ok, but that is me.

      I do consider myself way more informed on the specifics of 9/11 or the Grove than Meltzer, but I don’t have a show on the History Channel; and we can’t be experts in everything…

      Look out here in the near future we will be posting some previously unseen news reports from 1984- 1996 and along with some more focus on the Lakeside Chats..

  3. a.h. permalink
    December 14, 2011 9:36 pm

    the lost picture of leanardo de vinci found in book-fold it ear to ear going past the ear matching them up and look what you get. see it, i did! hum????? alan

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