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As Bohemians Gather, so Does Lunatic Fringe of Activist World

July 10, 2011

If you don’t know, I hate hearing about “sacrifices”, “Molech”, or “Satan worship” in context to the Bohemian Grove. So yes – I do agree with this article on premise.

source: Press Democrat   July 10, 2011

Veteran Sonoma County peace/justice activist Mary Moore has stood at the gate of the Bohemian Grove near Monte Rio many times to hoot at the well-connected men driving in.

But you can believe that Mary, founder decades ago of the Bohemian Grove Action Network, will have nothing to do with the group that may protest and picnic at the gate as the Bohemians’ Midsummer Encampment kicks off this weekend.

Mary has her issues with the men of the Grove, but the accusations made in fliers calling for people to confront them on Saturday and Sunday, the 16th and 17th, are way too much for her.

This is stuff from beyond the fringe. The flier, found also at, exhumes and reconstitutes crazed allegations that the “satanic” Bohemians “conduct a ceremonial sacrifice of children where they will be symbolically set on fire.”

Whoever’s behind the planned protest this weekend adds some wild-eyed claims that appear to originate with the Democrats Against UN Agenda 21 crowd.

“To decrease the population,” the call to action says, the men of Bohemian Grove “want to install toxic smart murder meters, mandate vaccines, spray us with aerial toxins, mandate toxic mercury light bulbs and create perpetual wars leading toward a World Government and Hitlerian New World Order.”

Mary sighs. “They have every right to protest,” she said, but she’ll be staying at home this weekend.

Summing up what’s always been her campaign’s interest regarding the campers at the Bohemian Grove, she said, “We’re less concerned about what they’re doing inside than their policies affecting the outside world.”

more at original source.

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