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2011 Bohemian Grove: Setting the Record Straight

July 14, 2011

FINAL UPDATE: Why  Have I Spoken Against Certain Bohemian Grove Protestors This Year?

Update: MegaNewsReader has updated the information on his YouTube video described below. Please see the very bottom of the post to see the explanation, where at the very bottom they follow through with a small piece of my request.

by BrianRomanoff    The Bohemian Grove Blog   July 14, 2011

MegaNewsReader has posted a video from the early protests at the Bohemian Grove. I have much to say about a lot of the video, but I will condense my criticism to what must be addressed first.

This is a matter of setting the record straight. MegaNewsReader may feel attacked by this and other posts, but until they correct false statements texted into their video they will be scrutinized.

(Contact me MegaNews)

I had to think for a few minutes if I would actually post the video in question because so much of it is Doug Millar rambling about pure nonsense. However, if posting the video will bring attention to correcting the video, than I am choosing to post it. Fortunately I am only addressing the first 2 minutes of the video. This is the video in question: Update: I will not post the video – it is just overflowing with nonsense from Doug Millar, influenced by Anthony Hilder and Alex Jones. You may find the video here:

“Bob”, the face of Bohemian Grove security comes out to say “hi,” to the people at the protest. After light discussion, Bob quickly asks if the people at the filmed protest “know the one guy that comes out every  year…. I talk to him quite a bit, he always gives me one of these things you put in the computer (DVD’s) to show..about 9/11…”. An unnamed person from the protest groups blurts “Alex Jones”. Bob said, “yes.”

I should be fair to MegaNewsReader for that point, that Bob did indeed agree it was Alex Jones when “Alex Jones” was mentioned. However, with a moment of research and common sense this can be proven false.  Besides, everyone has had a conversation where they mistakenly say yes or no to something you should have said no or yes to, mis-speaking happens all the time. On to the evidence though.

Besides once in the year 2o00, and once last year during the off-season of the Grove filming for the Discovery Channel, Alex has not been to the Bohemian Grove; let alone consecutive years handing out 9/11 DVD’s to Bob and others! In fact  Alex Jones has never claimed or asserted in any degree that he has been to the Bohemian Grove over a number of years, let alone a number of days. Is there any evidence of anyone being there over a number of years handing out 9/11 information? Actually yes, and it is all here on this blog. Allow me to overview quickly and set this straight:

2010: NY Times covers 9/11 Activist @ B. GroveOriginal @ NY Times article here. Picture below:

Notice the material and lack of Alex Jones.

Also in 2010, I filmed myself handing out 9/11 information to  Arnold Schwarzenegger’s private security detail. (Very end of the video below)

2009: Video by Loose Change film crew covers myself with some friends putting our Guantanamo suits on for a while, covered in 9/11 truth material:

Also from 2009 is this report, full of pictures where we are delivering 9/11 information to the Grove.

Again, notice the lack of Alex Jones.

2008: Bohemian Grove Members list leaked

I will link to the article at Infowars that covers me and my friends at the Grove with, what do you know, 9/11 material. No where does Alex try to claim that this was his effort.

MegaNewsReader, I assume you are some good folks. There is no need to have bad information in your video. There is also no need to give Alex more credit than is truly due.

This is to set the record straight.

A fix could include erasing the text, or posting an annotation to the video explaining that it is actually myself, Brian Romanoff at The Bohemian Grove Blog.


Update from MegaNewsReader:

I would like to clarify a subject:
In this video @ 1:20
the head of security “Bob” mentions a man who visits the Grove every year,
handing out 911 truth information. He speaks highly of the man, and asks if we
know who he is. A female behind the camera replies “Alex Jones”

editing this video I found her voice difficult for the viewers to hear and
inserted a subtitle/quote at the time signature in question.
I found it
strange that the girl was so far off base with her response.
Anyone who
really listens to AJ would be the first to tell that you he is not known for
attending the front gate protests annually.
With respect to the Bohemian
Grove we all know Alex is a “Backdoor Man”
I know of 2 visits. Both well
But coming every year to the front gate and handing out 911 info?
I have to mention that several of the Americans voicing their opposition
to the Bohemian Grove found the same girl in question to be a
There were yelling matches and tears. I left that
footage out because all this infighting makes me insane, but here we go.
want to be clear.

I set out to make a true document of my experience that
I tried to illuminate parts of the footage I found difficult to

I dont know anything about Anon.

The fact that my
friends and I were the first humans standing at those gates tells me

I did not type “Alex Jones” in quotes down in the subtitles
because I thought that was the correct answer, I did it because thats what the
girl said. People are smarter than we like to give them credit for, and I like
to let my viewers see the moment as it unfolds and form their own

Still I am a peacemaker at heart, and wish only harmony for
all of you.

Why did the girl say “Alex Jones”?
she wanted to fit in.
Thats my honest opinion.
Many credible people called her out that

Back to my original point.
A viewer wanted me to point out to all
of you that he was the man that “Bob” was asking about, not Alex Jones. The man
“Bob” was looking for was Brian Romanoff at norcaltruth.

Peace and love
to all.

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  1. July 15, 2011 3:37 pm

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  2. July 15, 2011 11:00 pm

    hi this is alex of Doug Millar is up there and should not be trusted. I was a prospective member and inside the club almost 15 years and almost attended last years encampment – until they found out about my blog. i dont trust AJ far as I can throw him.

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