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(Some of) The Grove Protestors will Ruin Your Grove Protest

July 14, 2011

FINAL UPDATE: Why Have I Spoken Against Certain Bohemian Grove Protestors This Year?

UPDATE 2# (7/15/11): I have changed the title of this post. The title used to also have the sentence, “Anonymous Video Likely a Fake.” Not so. The Anonymous video was produced by well-intentioned persons in the US, who would like more attention on the Bohemian Grove. That probably seems pretty apparent to many of you though, but to Mary Moore and myself, it was suspicious in timing and presentation.

In the firestorm of finding out who is who in a production by “anonymous”, I probably offended some people namely those who uploaded the video at 2nd Revolt. (Developing website here) As of now, we have discussed our differences and commonalities. By far, we are more common than different. I would like to highlight the fact that nothing happens until you start doing something. In that spirit, both 2nd Revolt and MegaNewsReader deserve praise for their energies. Without 2nd revolt, there would be less attention on the Grove this year. The anonymous theme did catch people’s eyes. Also MegaNewsReader deserves credit for having a camera and using it. Without MegaNewsReader, there would not have been an early update on the Grove protest. Thanks to you all.

UPDATE 1#: I have been replied to by the YouTube user who posted the ‘Anonymous’ video: The response in full:

We are the original host of the Anon video, yes. We’re not getting into who made it or any of that because that’s outside the idea of Anonymous. Anonymous made the video. That’s how Anonymous works. No one needs ‘permission.’ There is no one to get permission from. Do we have support by Anon groups, yes. We are Anonymous. You are Anonymous. Everyone posting is Anonymous.” We had a plan, and part of that plan was to show up early, not on the day. Before and during.

My reply: Well, for those of you who have noticed, I am not anonymous. I am Brian Romanoff, a free thinking individual who needs not hide behind a mask. Though, I would want to stay “anonymous” too if I told everyone the wrong dates of a party. This also does not alleviate my suspicion that Anthony Hilder made the video. The real anonymous group is a “hacktivisim” group, nothing like what we have seen at the Bohemian Grove. This is far outside the M.O. of the real and known group, ‘anonymous.”

by Brian Romanoff   The Bohemian Grove Blog    July 14, 2011

Please excuse the abrupt and short nature of this post, as I have no time for this right now.

A video claiming to be made by Anonymous and calling for an action at the Bohemian Grove was posted to YouTube a couple of weeks ago. It generated tens-of-thousands of views, eventually landing on the site InfoWars to help its view count even more. The video was a joke to anyone who spends even just 5 minutes looking into a bit of research on the Bohemian Grove.   See update #2.

The video asked for people to start going to the Bohemian Grove on Wed. July 13th. No matter that the Grove really does not even begin until Fri. the 15th. Workers can be found at the Bohemian Grove all year around, so it will be no surprise to see them on the 13th. Noticeably absent: Bohemian Grove Members.

So, yesterday on the 13th, as the video had called for, people showed up…at 7:00 in the morning! Why? I don’t know.

The Grove is silent most of the day during an encampment, let alone at 7:00 in the morning: Forget the fact that it hasn’t even begun yet. Wow, are these followers of a church or something? They are following blindly.

A video from the too early of a protest shows people who are generally lost as to what is going on in front of them; nothing. What can be heard in the video should stick out to anyone who likes to build bridges and inform the USA of 9/11 Truth. The head of security, Bob, can be heard asking about, “the guy who is out here every year, with his 9/11 material. He is a nice guy.” That would be me. Also heard and witnessed is the 2 front gate staff, who come up to ask for a “pamphlet.” The protestors in the video are confused by this because they have not researched anything. Had they done some research, they would know that for years I have been out in front of the Grove handing out information by the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. Those are the pamphlets they want folks, not your fantasy novel BS.

What is the fantasy novel BS? Alex Jones started it really. Moloch, child sacrifice, Satan worship and other ridiculous assertions without proof is the fantasy novel BS. Doug Millar of Sonoma Co. has latched on to this like a fly on shit. Worse, a “film” maker named Anthony Hilder, who will ruin any movement, has been taunting Doug Millar and other locals to do this protest.

This brings us to a few points. Where  did the anonymous video come from? It came from this YouTube user. The regular Anonymous Twitter feeds are silent about the “Operation: Bohemian Grove”, leaving the video and it’s uploader alone to say it is legitimate. Was the video produced and made by the group named Anonymous, or was it a un-anonymous person who adopted the name and used it like their own? Furthermore, the flyers that were passed around by Doug Millar likely used some groups names on it with out their permission, a major no-no, that I will follow-up on later. Anthony and Doug have even brought bad Press before the gates have been opened at the Grove, this should help prove my point!

Compare that to some of my work covered with good Press: NY Times, SF Chronicle, Press Democrat

And look at all the good major media press that Mary Moore was able to bring together around the Grove over 30 years.

What happens in the Grove is irrelevant. (And if you think there are sacrifices, YOU ARE WRONG) What matters is the policy that many Grove members are putting into play outside of the Grove.

It is because of all of this that I won’t be going to the Bohemian Grove this year. I don’t want a stain on my energy. I wish others were more critical of who they associate with, maybe they will learn the hard way; maybe some wont learn at all.

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  1. tyrone bigumms permalink
    July 14, 2011 3:32 pm

    Why would they NOT show up July 13th when all of the bohemian grove members are arriving, Im not an alex jones fan but his video clearly shows MOCK human sacrifices at bohemian grove

    • July 14, 2011 3:44 pm

      Grove members did not show up on the 13th. They have never in 113 years come to the Grove on a Wed..

    • July 14, 2011 3:46 pm


      Alex’s film clearly shows theatre. Alex then told you it was a mock human sacrifice. and here you are.

      Theatre, an artform, can be interpreted by the different viewers in different ways. I wonder what you would have thought if Alex had never spoken, and the video was by someone else.

  2. July 15, 2011 5:04 am

    This is all I just said….


    Stop fucking crying and act like a man.

  3. July 15, 2011 5:38 am

    Your reply to my comment was…

    “No, I am not anonymous.

    I am not a coward. I show my face and my name, and real research.”

    Not that long-ass reply you typed in your self-righteous piece. If you’re going to let your ego get out of control, at least be truthful about your own words.

  4. July 15, 2011 6:32 am

    UM, truthful like Doug Millar and Anthony Hilder? Is that truthful to you?

    Is it untruthful to speak up when a bunch of idiots are ruining good work over 30 years at the Grove?

    Is it truthful to hind behind a mask?

    Is it truthful to not use my real name, as you have not yet once?

    Your concept of truth is ridiculous, at least.

    Furthermore, you are openly condoning and pushing for group-think, and collectivism through your ideals in this anonymous BS.

    You say I have ego; I say you have 0 critical intellect and you are willing to let someone infilitrate groups to ruin a protest as long as your “ego” stays silent.Hmmhmm.

    Go on. And don’t speak up for yourself anymore – you are part of group that does not speak for itself, because there is no “itself”, that would be too egotistical.

  5. July 15, 2011 6:51 am

    Look at my post header…T. That’s what people call me. That’s been a nickname for ages. Should I make it easier. My name is Tim.

    Did I post as Anonymous? Nope, I posted as myself, with one of my 2ndRevolt emails, with 2ndRevolt as my webpage. You’re so stuck on yourself, you never even tried to have a talk to me about anything. You just make your little assumptions and run back to your blog, spitting venom. For someone who prides themselves at being so good at investigating, you’re really did a poor job this time.

    So, while you’re on your 11 month off-time, I’ll still be fighting the fight, as T, with my fellow humans at 2nd Revolt. Sorry you couldn’t look outside yourself, otherwise you could of met someone standing up for the same things.


    • July 15, 2011 7:02 am

      you*, not you’re. Derp. Sorry for the spelling error.


    • July 15, 2011 7:02 am

      I see the 2 different titles you used. Thanks for opening up.

      The “venom” I am spitting is nothing compared to the venom of Doug Millar, Anthony Hilder and a few others. This is your first time at the Grove, no?

      Why do you think this is the only thing I do? Maybe you don’t know everything else I am doing, thats ok, I don’t care to explain. Im sure I would be further accused of gloating.

      What am I wrong about? The video has the wrong dates bro, and don’t say that was the plan, because I sure didn’t see you there yesterday.

      Where is the honesty, honestly?

      I have nothing against you personally man, but if you want to be a part of reporting news, try to be more accurate. I fail too sometimes. I said it is a suspision that you did not produce the video; you will not tell me who did. But thats part of the ‘anonymous’ MO, I get it. However normal Anon Tweitter feeds have been noticably silent about Operation BG.

      Next to the fact that only this year have Doug Millar and Anthony Hilder taken special interest in being at the Grove. Where were they the last 60 years of their life? Do they know about Mary Moore? Do they know that John DeCamp is taking legitimate attention away from things like Oklahoma City bombing investigations by mucking it all up with “Satan worship?”

      I have done my bit at the Grove, I’m sure by the end of this week, you’ll find very little need to be there – it’s not everything Alex Jones makes it out to be.

      You want to work together, lets do it. But I will not work with Doug Millar, Anthony Hilder, or John Decamp. I also will distance myself from any Alex Jones associations.

      What in this post is pissing you off?(specifically)

      • July 15, 2011 7:19 am

        You’re right, I wasn’t there. 2ndRevolt is based out of Michigan, and with a family, it’s near impossible to just fly to Cali and protest. Would I have? Man, I would have loved to be there. And, I would have been there on the 13th, and I would have stayed until at least the 17th. We’re very aware of the details, We know what we’re talking about. Hell, your blog was used in research, that’s what is pissing me off. You’re fighting this, and we’re both fighting for the same thing.

        We’re not going to take credit for the video, but I’ll say we had a part. I’m doing this for the exact reason you said, because it’s under the name of Anonymous. That isn’t just to be Anon, it’s the idea behind Anonymous. We wanted to take the person out of the message, and leave it to the people. If you can’t understand that, then we just have different thoughts on the subject.

        They guys that are spitting the true conspiracy shit on the street, 2ndRevolt, nor myself, are personally affiliated with. They showed up on their own accord, acting on their own accord. I’m not supporting the words, I’m supporting the action. Peaceful civil disobedience, that shit warms my heart. Is the message the dood was yelling correct? I don’t think so. Do I think a bunch of fucked up stuff goes on in there? Honestly, it could, it couldn’t…I’m not in that fight. I’m in the fight of secret government deals going on in a “private party”.

        In the end, the point of the operation was to bring light to Bohemian Grove. We didn’t deal with specifics, we dealt with the whole. The whole place is wrong, and we wanted as much attention to it as possible. Honestly, this falls into part of that attention, you’re giving it to us too. Regardless of what you feel, you’re helping. Once that spotlight is on Bohemian Grove (like it was on Bilderberg this year) we may be able to actually see some changes. My need to be there will be great until its exposed, and that’s just fact. I couldn’t be there, but we tried to do something that was proactive. If you have problems with dates, and who showed up…I’m sorry man, but you just gotta deal with people doing things a different way.

        You went about this the wrong way on that YouTube channel, and this could of all been peacefully talked out since the beginning. 2ndRevolt -is not- an ‘Anonymous Group.’ We simply support some of what they’re doing. We are, and always will be, a Constitutional Rights group, if you wanna put a label on things.


  6. July 15, 2011 7:22 am

    I’ll just add one more thing about the people you have a problem with, the shit they’re spreading.

    I understand where you’re coming from, but we fight for the peoples right to speak freely. It’s up to the individuals listening to that free speech to go home, process the information, and come up with their own opinion on the matter. I’ll never silence a speaker, but I’ll encourage the people listening to think for themselves.


    • July 15, 2011 7:36 am

      It would behoove us to silence someone who is ruining a protest. I am sure you have seen the agent provacatuers caught and singled out in Canada….

      This has to happen sooner than later. If they keep spreading their BS at the protest, there is no point in protesting.

      That is the best option in my opinion. I also know these jokers, they live in my hometown and I deal with them too often.

      My frustrations are huge right now. I am speaking also for Mary Moore, of the Bohemian Grove Action Network. She has been dealing with this for 20 + years. She used to bring 1000+ people to line the street and that was before interenet. She and others were always very keen to co-intel pro; which may or may not be what those guys are.

      OK. So you are telling me Anthony Hilder had nothing to do with this video?

      I’m sorry to have offended you, but no one contacted me bout this, nor Mary. We both are just wondering where the new age critical activists and journalists are. You deserve a lot of credit for bringing attention to the Grove, but the people at the protest really ruined it. I understand if you don’t agree. But we (Mary and I) combined have been doing this for 30+ years.

      I really appreciate you coming by and offering me your position, it is greatly appreciated.

      I hope that this does not leave a huge stain in our potential relations for the future. Please understand that I am trying to provide quality control, and in the process my own quality may lose control. I hate being frustrated and angry, I really do, butI’d rather be honest than silent.

      As soon as I have time, I wil update the post with more information for readers.

      • July 15, 2011 7:50 am

        We have a better understanding of each other now. I said on the YouTube channel, and made light in a former post, I like the work you’re doing, that was never an issue. I, like you, got angry and frustrated.

        All in all, I will leave you with this guarantee. Anthony Hilder had nothing to do with this video AT ALL. Not even one little teeny weeny little bit. It was done by a very small group who just wanted to bring attention to the Grove, and thought this was a good means to go about it. We put the video out on our channel, we spread the word as much as we could, and from there it was out of our hands, and into the hands of those who attended.

        Let me tell you this…we had no effing idea it would turn into this when we put that video up in June. Talking to the other founder of 2ndRevolt, we were just floored. When the video had about 8k hits, we were sure that it saw its life, that it wouldn’t amount to much more.

        Boy, were we wrong.

        Maybe a year from now, we can stand together at the gates, and I’ll have more of a first hand look at what you’ve been dealing with. But, for now, this is all truly the act of a group looking at the same thing as yours.


      • July 15, 2011 8:02 am


        I’m sorry to have ruined any time of yours. I appreciate honest efforst, and I also appreciate constructive criticism – both given and taken.

        Thanks for clearing things up. I am glad we understand each other.

  7. July 16, 2011 8:35 am

    We are anonymous, you are an imbecile. Just by these ramblings you have shown how out of touch you are with modern reality. We are humanities immune response to the greed and corruption in this world. Your assertion that anonops are sanctioned is highly erroneous, we are a decentralised hivemind, we have no superiors, no one to ask permission. We simply exist.

    Like any microcosm we are a sample of society, we are your sons, daughters, friends, relatives, employees, employers most importantly we are you.

    We are the 60 – 70% of the populous that dont vote or buy into this false paradigm of democracy, we are the forgotten, the disillusioned, the disconnected and disenfranchised.

    We are those whom the elites cast aside, sold out, bleed dry, kill and oppress.

    We are road sweepers, cleaners, chefs, artists, programmers, teachers, nurses, in fact we are every walk of life.

    We are the Greeks, Icelandics, Portuguese, Irish, Syrians, Libyans, Bahrainys Afghanis, Iraqis. We are all nationalities. Where there is oppression and corruption you will find the anonymous ideology fighting back.

    We are Humanities immune response to the organised political corruption sweeping the world.

    The media attempt to portray us as a malevolent force, whereas like so much in this world the opposite is in fact the truth.

    • July 16, 2011 8:40 am

      I don’t like GroupThink, something obviously worn by “anonymous” de facto.

      Cool beans for all your ideals, but anonymous is a bad idea. It’s too easy for the feds, or someone, to infiltrate and make you all look bad. Especially because there is no accountability. No accountability is something I stand against.

      I don’t like what you are into, but good luck.

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