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Breaking: Exclusive Interview With Mark Walter Evans; First to Publish Parallel of “Moloch” and the “Owl Shrine” at Bohemian Grove

July 17, 2011

Brian Romanoff    The Bohemian Grove Blog    July 17, 2011

At the gate of the Bohemian Grove on Saturday, July 16, we met a certain fellow, by  the name of Mark Walter Evans. As we were talking, it developed that he was the author of the original article – back in 1993 – that drew an analogy between the Owl of Bohemia, and the  archaic worship of the Canaanite idol Moloch, in the Levant. When we asked Mark if he was willing to be interviewed, he said “Yes!” and jumped at the opportunity to express his dissatisfaction with the direction that the ideological thread he started has taken.

Mark Walter Evans’ article entitled “Bigwigs Perpetuate Canaanite Cult“, drew a parallel between the two all the way back in 1993.

“Moloch” has become synonymous with the Bohemian Grove and too many ‘activists’ on the internet community. For 2,300 people on the planet, namely the members of the Bohemian Grove, the 40 foot-ish foot owl is simply known as the “Shrine” or the “Owl of Bohemia.”

Here for your study, before his startling revelations to The Bohemian Grove Blog are released on video, is an excerpt from his 1993 article:

But perhaps the most jarring contrast of all, is the contradiction between the pious hand-over-heart singing of the Star Spangled Banner (ritual for public consumption), that occurs at Party conventions, and the secret ritual that is the real “turn on” for the ruling class habitues of the Grove. For, when the rich and powerful “gather at the river,” it is not to pray, and sign psalms and hymns.

However, let it not be said that these men have no religion.

Every July, the Summer encampment at Bohemian Grove is opened with a remarkable commencement ceremony. I quote from a January 1981 article by William Domhoff * in The Progressive:

“…A ceremony called the Cremation of Care, which takes place at the base of a forty-foot [Ferro-cement] Owl… made more resplendent by the mottled forest mosses that cover much of it.

“The ceremony… involves the burning of an effigy named Dull Care, who symbolizes the burdens and responsibilities these harried Bohemians now wish to shed temporarily. More than 100 Bohemians take part in the ceremony as priests, acolytes, torch-bearers, brazier bearers, boatmen, and woodland voices, but despite many flowery speeches, they can’t get the fire started… the perplexed Bohemians must turn to the mighty Owl for advice:

“O thou, great symbol of all mortal wisdom, Owl of Bohemia, we do beseech thee, grant us thy counsel,” intones the high priest.

“An aura of light creates a glow around the Owl’s head, and then the big bird reveals its wisdom. The High Priest must light the pyre with the flame from the
Lamp of Fellowship, located conveniently enough on the “Altar of Bohemia” at the base of the Shrine…”

I will add, that the “priests, acolytes, and torch bearers” who participate in this ceremony are clad in Red and Orange hooded robes that bear a strong resemblance to the hooded regalia of the Ku Klux Klan.

Jack Anderson, writing in the Sunday supplement, Parade Magazine, on February 22, 1981, disarmingly stated

“…the participants in this strange ceremony were not part of a secret conspiracy or far-out cult that had infiltrated the nation’s power structure.  They were simply enjoying a midsummer frolic at the world’s most exclusive summer camp…”

Should the Cremation of Care ceremony so quickly be dismissed, without prejudice, given the occultic nature of the ceremony, and its historical antecedents?

The Cremation of Care ceremony bears too strong a resemblance to the ancient Canaanite worship of the idol, Molech, to be so readily dismissed.   The “Owl of Bohemia,” like the ancient Ammonite idol, Molech, is a towering, larger-than-life edifice.

The bronze Molech was hollow inside, whereas the Owl is solid, and the altar stands before it. Molech worship consisted of the ritualized sacrifice of the first-born infant son of every Ammonite newlywed family. Building a fire in the belly of the beast, getting it good and stoked, so that the flames poured out ofthe mouth, the high priest mounted a scaffold and tossed the first born male child into an aperture in Molech’s chest, to the incantation of drums and the droned liturgy of the priests of Molech.

Technically, Owl worship, as it is practiced at the Grove is somewhat different from Molech worship. Peter Weiss, writing in Spy Magazine in November 1989,

“Bohemian Club literature … pious on this score … boasts that the Cremationof Care ceremony derives from Druid rites, medieval Christian liturgy, the Book of Common Prayer, Shakespearean drama, and nineteenth century American lodge rites.”

Does the Bohos’ sugar-coating of the ritual of the Cremation of Care, for whatseems to be purposes of Public Relations, obscure a darker,  psychological aspect of the rite?  Are we faced with the continuity of a tradition of Sacrificial Rite, even on a symbolic level? This is significant in, and of itself. Moreover, persistent rumors and reports from various sources, tell of bizarre rituals, child snuff films, (films in which a child is murdered) and other horrors taking place within the confines of The Grove.

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  1. July 17, 2011 1:32 am

    Looks like you, Mary Morore and Alex Jones might be starting to get onto the same page.
    Check out this recent interview with Alex Jones with RT

  2. July 17, 2011 2:35 am


    In the years since Alex has snuck in, he has toned the sensationalism down quite a bit. This reporter was a little bit of a loose cannon if you ask me, but heck; whats perfect?

    I saw that interview and was stoked to see that RT came to this blog to pick up those old Bohemian clips. I was very peeved that she daid, “there has been no one out there recently”.

    The whole prostitiution thing was blown up by large media back in the 80’s pretty well.; Many of those guys had families at home hearing those very news reports.

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