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  1. Greg Fernandez Jr. permalink
    February 4, 2011 2:47 pm

    hey how do i subscribe to this blog page of yours? im new to this. should i just bookmark? some of these places have it set up where people can subscribe?

    • February 4, 2011 5:52 pm


      Hang tight, I am really busy right now but I will have a subscription bar on the right in the next day or two!

      I don’t know why it’s not there right now, but soon come…I am almost done digitzing and uploading some ols news reports….

    • March 25, 2011 3:09 am

      You are set now if you want to subscribe, the button to subscribe is at the right and top of the website.

      Sorry it took so long for me to get to it, it only took me a second once I did get to it though…

      Take care!

  2. Cora L. Simmons permalink
    March 26, 2011 1:11 pm

    Finally, a letter of Appreciation

    March 15, 2011 was the day my precious Daughter, Stephanie Joy Edwards was laid to rest at the Headquarters Cemetery at Covelo, Ca.

    Her daughter Jordan Mc Coy, along with the Brothers and Sisters Rosalie and Jill all agreed a letter needed to be written to let everyone know just how much WE appreciated everything relatives, friends and community members did to ease our pain of grief.

    Aunt Kimmee and children, Uncle Anthony, came with support, stayed hours and through the late night hours for their niece. Support and open arms at the hospital, making sure they did all they could to share in the pain and grief. These special relatives showed their love so tremendously, family, either paternal or maternal stayed by Jordan’s side.

    The delay in getting this letter out is, exactly a week, later three of our relatives, native Americans crudely broke her (Stephanie’s) bedroom window with an ax and went into her home. They stole many valuables including a gun which belonged to her 92 year old grandfather. To top it ALL off, in the midst of their thievery, the starving thieves ate a stick of salami and had some fried chicken.

    The day after the funeral, our Sheriff Tom Allman, came to bring a beautiful card of condolence from him and the folks of the Sheriff’s Dept. In his sharing a cup of coffee with my 2 aunts and I, we talked of how Covelo always seems to get a bad rap in the media. I told him “if only the media could have seen the out pouring of love” from the many, many folks who did attended the funeral of our Stephanie. They braved the storm, and I do mean Storm. The heavens opened up and the rain came down by the buckets full. They say when a “Big” Indian dies they bring the rains.

    After the service folks were informed right next door to the church was our Senior Center, they could go there and we would be sharing food after interment. My family and I felt they needed not go to the cemetery because of the rains that did not stop.

    As we neared the cemetery cars were lined up on both sides of the road! The rains did not stop them. If that isn’t a show of love I don’t know what is. When we returned to the Senior center it was packed with folks and I want to say and packed with Love.

    This I shared with Sheriff Allman and I told him that our Round Valley/Covelo folks have hearts and that’s what counts. He agreed, I made him a believer. THEN…On March 23, in the early morning hours, thieves broke into her and Jordan’s home.

    Some may ask did I have to eat my own words or do I take back my words to Sheriff Allman? The answer is straight up “No”.

    No thieves can ever take from us all the love and care that folks showed us during our loss of our loved one. Folks came from near and far, others sending kind words to help us, and the food folks shared was out of this world. The monetary gifts made it so that every bill relating to or loss is covered. The flowers were all so pretty as only our “Steph” deserved.

    Not that any one person or entity was considered more than the other, we do wish to thank and let the folks of the local Methodist Church know how very much we appreciate the allowing of the service to be held there along with providing the kitchen for the Wake.

    Sometimes naming names can lead to problems, as for sure we will forget the most important one. But let us just say that Stephy did have friends in high places: Supervisor Dan Hamburg along with wife Carrie, Attorney Phil DeJong, Girl Scott leader Samantha Burkey, Bohemian Grove/Activist Mary Moore, Author of the book “Stolen Lives“, Karen Saari of Bodega who battled the many water falls coming ,almost, down on them as she and Mary drove in on our beautiful Hwy. 162.

    We appreciate the Minister Rev. Leland Muro, who traveled from Santa Rosa to officiate at the service. Our kin, Pricilla Brown accompanied by Brothers Danny Figuero and Rick Hoaglen, we so appreciate the beautiful songs. LaVee Hinze-Martin of Redding, Ca was another soloist who did a wonderful song entitled “Send Me an Angel”.

    Our church, the Faith Tabernacle members said many Prayers and Sis. Bertha, Glenda and Lisa offered their prayers right beside Steph at the hospital. The 3 traveling together never gave up. Our Pastor Rev. Robert Anderson and wife Bobbie visited ICU so that they too could say prayers with and for Stephie.

    Our local people we will LOVE you forever, in our hearts is where you will stay. You were with us during the greatest storms of our lives. It is literally still storming and you all still are with us. Everyday still , we have folks dropping by with kind words that give us strength to endure. Phone calls are still coming in and we appreciate every one. All our relatives you are the best.

    So to end this lengthy letter, rest assured, 3 thieves and their families can never take from us what the folks of Round Valley/Covelo, along with the many others gave us…..LOVE.

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